Mylancoon Maine Coon Cats


Mylancoon is a breeder of Maine Coon Cats located in Palmyra, Pennsylvania about five minutes from Hershey, Pennsylvania. We are a small home based cattery breeding Maine Coon Cats in a variety of colors. We breed toward the very best show quality. We do not sell kittens at higher show or breeding price. All are kittens are sold at pet price and placed in good forever homes as pets whether they are show quality or not. We do not give show or breeding rights to anyone. Permission must be obtained from your breeder to show or breed your Maine Coon kitten. If your are interested in breeding we would be happy to refer you to another breeder. We are interested in finding good lifetime pet homes for our kittens. In the years we have been raising Maine Coons, we have had the pleasure of meeting some very nice folks, and placing our pets in wonderful lifetime homes. We are a registered cattery with CFA, ACA and TICA. Our Maine Coons are our pets and roam freely around the house. Maine Coons are a very loving cat and a joy to be around. Coons are very loyal to their owners and follow them around like a dog. I believe they think humans were made just for them. Maine Coons are smart cats that can easily learn to play fetch. They are goofy clowns even into old age and get along well with children and other pets. Once you have one you will wonder how you ever lived without them before.

Raising Maine Coon Kittens


Breeding Maine Coons is a wonderful learning experience that we take very seriously. We breed for health first, type, personality, beauty, size, and color. Each one of our cats is an individual, spoiled pet and family member. Our Coons are raised in our home, have complete freedom and participate in daily activity.

We do not cage our cats, allow them outdoors, declaw, breed outside of our cattery or offer stud service. Our cats are provided with a healthy diet, clean environment, plenty of love and attention, toys, cat trees and shelves to climb.

Kittens are placed as pets to good homes where they will get the same love and attention they receive here. Deciding that a Maine Coon will become part of your family is a big commitment. Your new pet will be a part of your life for a long time and we want it to be a rewarding experience for you and your new kitten.

A separate delivery/nursery room is provided for expectant mothers to deliver and raise their babies. Moms are taken to their delivery room about a week before their litters are due so that they will not be disturbed by the other cats in the house and can get their rest prior to delivery. It also gives them time to adjust and feel comfortable with the place where they will have their new babies. Their litters are born in the nursery and spend time with their mothers until they are weaned and eating solid food and vaccinated, litter trained and ready to go to their new homes. We are present for the delivery and assist only if the mom needs help or medical attention. All kittens are handled by us from birth and are well socialized by the time they are ready to go to their new homes.

Before our kittens leave they are vet checked , vaccinated and wormed New owners are provided with a health warranty, vaccination record and a small bag of food to start your kitten off on. New food should be mixed in slowly with what the kitten has been eating to avoid stomach distress. We provide a family tree of your kittens parentage and CFA or TICA registration papers.. We are always available for any questions or inquiries and love to hear from new owners.

Kittens are ready to go to their new homes at 12 weeks. Prior to 12 weeks, kittens are still in the process of weaning from their mother and accepting commercial cat foods. Litter training is still being learned and established. Interaction with mom and siblings is essential to help the kitten develop its social skills .

Mylancoon Maine Coon Cats Palmyra, PA