Mylancoon Maine Coon Cats

Mylancoon Maine Coons Our Males and Kings of the Palace


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Pictured above, DCFD Sifrhiffis, Brown Mackeral Tabby

Our newest addition  is DCFD Sifrhiffis, is developing beautifully into a lovely charming handsome boy.  Rhiffus has a beautiful tail and striking coat and we are hoping he will father kittens as beautiful as their Dad

Bellacoons Jamaica Me Crazy

Our stunning and sweet Jamaica. Jamaica is personality plus. He is quite the talker and has plenty to say. He is sweet and charming and a loving boy and member of our family.


Jamaica as a lad


Jamaica all grown up and relaxing in front of the fireplace

Mylancoon Soulmate: Silver Mackeral and White


Soul is a very gentle soul. He is polite and quiet and gets along well with everyone. He has many Maine Coon friends at home. We love his strong muzzle and size and beautiful silver shaded coloring.

Mylancoon Maine Coon Cats Palmyra, PA